Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

I am looking forward to this year and I can't figure out why.

First, I think I've finally come to terms with tax season. It's how we earn our living and yes it is a lot of work every year. But with work comes accomplishment and another return sent back to it's owner - it feels good to get the returns out the door.

This week has been really tough and I know mainly it's because my chemistry has been off. My doctor had to cancel my Tuesday appointment as although I see her tomorrow the medicine that keeps me sane and my family happy ran out on Monday. Jay said today he's just holding on for another 24 hours till I return to the happy Sally he loves.

2009 brings some excitement to me. We will be welcoming a new baby this July into our family, which means now we'll have 3 kids. This scares me and excites me. This will be the second summer that I can send the kids into the back yard to play and I look forward to this during my down time after the baby comes. It will be wonderful to sit on the backporch and just relax because heck this time I'm not starting or in the middle of tax season when this baby arrives.

Plus winter will eventually end. We are slowly getting to the end of winter and although I know we have a few tough months left really in our town the weather seems to stay relatively nice after Feb 14. We live in a wonderful valley.

Hmm what else? Well we live in this wonderful house and a little oasis in the middle of our city, which most days I do have to pinch myself when I look out accross our back yard - it's beautiful.

So I'm thinking 2009 is going to rock, if only because I say it will.

Jay and I are planning and setting goals which always makes me glad. At least this way we know what we need to accomplish to get to certain places in our lives. Yeah I guess we sound kind of boring but it's how we work so well togehter. Plus we're planning on doing a lot more camping this year with the kids - and I will admit I'm a little excited about this. I think I can handle two nights of roughing it.

I hope everyone else is either enjoying or surviving the new year. Sometimes we have to have it tough for a while to realize how wonderful things really are.

And last but not least, as every day passes I'm coming to better terms with my nephew's death. Every time it hits me, well it's just tough. I'm so proud of my sister's family and how tough they've been through all of this. This year is my year to be thankful for my family and my extended family - we love you all.

Happy New Year.


Donna said...

It's pretty tough plenty of times still, but we keep trucking through life and the daily routines keep me going.

mommybake said...

Now that my mono is hopefully coming to an end - I am starting to LOVE life again!! And not being sick 24/7 is really helping me deal with Calvin's death. There are still a lot of moments in the day that are hard - but I am thankful for our knowledge of where he is and that we will be together again!! I am also just thankful for family - ALL of it!!

claushausIII said...

Congrats on baby #3. It has been good for us to have Jasper so that we aren't so serious about Matthijas. He's helped loosen things up a bit. I'm glad you are enjoying your new house. I want to come over and see it next time I'm in town. As soon as we buy a new house in the next month or so I will be out with the baby.