Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Photos

My friend posted Sunday pictures with her kids all ready to go to church. So they looked super cute. I told her I'd do the same and totally forgot last week. So this week I made sure I remembered.

The idea with the Sunday photos was the fact that looking back we all looked so goofy but at the time thought we looked great.

So for better or worse this was the best photo I could come up with.

In this photo Chas is currently pulling off one of his socks and Bonnie is refusing to smile.


JoAnn said...

oh, I just want to hug that little Chas and pinch his cute little cheeks. Do we need to tickle Bonnie to get a smile? We know she has one in her.

claushausIII said...

great Sunday photos! and I'm sure that 20 years from now you will still think they looked cute, even if they are embarrassed.