Friday, October 31, 2008

More Excited

So my sister and I have been wanting to buy this train cake tin but we couldn't bring ourselves to spend the money.

Fast forward to this morning. Chas, Bonnie, & I went to a local thrift store. I didn't expect to find anything but Bonnie loves looking at the books and playing with new toys. It's getting fun. So as I was heading out with a few new kids books one of the workers was unloading a shopping cart full of stuff. I spotted the train cake pan. I asked her if it was for sale and it was! I asked her the price $4.50 and I was sold.

Check out the cake pan on the William Sonoma website. I think you can see my excitement when you see the cost - what a freakin good deal I got!!!

I think I scored big time today.


It's Halloween here at our house. I have to admit all I want to do is go back to bed and sleep all day. I'm a little sad about the costumes I made.

Chas's neck is a little too thick for the cape - Looks like I'll need to do a little last minute work there.

Bonnie will not wear her's at all. Maybe she'll be more excited when she see's other kids dressed up too.
On another note. I finished a doll for my friends daughter's third birthday. I hope she likes it.

Have a Happy Halloween.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tagged Again

I was tagged by my sister Jeni on her blog with the instructions to open my 3rd picture folder and post the 3rd picture in it. Well, here it is:
This is a photo from Christmas morning in 2006. We were staying at Donna's house with ALL of my family. The only people not staying at Donna's house were my parents. It was around 26 people with three dogs that Christmas. It was insane to say the least.

Now I tag Lonita and Karen.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Winner Is ...


Now to all you siblings - mom did not give me her Pyrex dishes. I bought these off eBay.

I'm off to tend my two little kids. Bonnie has the flu and Chas is cutting two teeth! It should prove to be an adventurous day.

Thank you to all who participated. I think it would be fun to have cool drawings like this more often - I'll see what I can do.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Donna's Christmas present
Originally uploaded by Jay&Sally

So I thought I'd put this up. I made this for my sister Donna last Christmas. It's a witch and she loved it. I had a lot of fun making this gift. It has an honarary place in her house - it is out all year. I feel so lucky.


Just got my ReadyMade Magazine bill. I have the option to give someone a free year to this great magazine. Leave me a comment. If actually more than one person wants it I'll do a drawing. This is kind of fun!

I will draw a name tomorrow morning - you have till tonight (Thursday) to enter.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Below is a link to the obituary for my sweet nephew.

We've had a lot of support here in this town.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I am away from home. My oldest nephew passed away on Wednesday night.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

T-shirt reads Crazy Mama

So yesterday amidst all the insane hours Jay and I have been putting in I thought I need to visit my mom. This Sunday Jay heads off for Phoenix to go to a conference and I thought why the heck do I need to stay home. So with the click of a button I bought two plane tickets to Vegas. One for me and one for Bonnie - Chas will sit in my lap. Don't ask my why I am traveling on a plane with two small children but it's not for that long and I can easily handle an hour and a half of screaming.

Now that I've gone and purchased the tickets I can barely sit still. Three days with my parents and with no plans at all. I am planning on relaxing with the kids and visiting the park a lot. The park is very close to my parents house.

And although winter is trying to set in here - it's still summer in Vegas! I am so excited.

Monday, October 13, 2008

He Stands

Yesterday Jay and I were so proud when Chas pulled himself up on the coffee table. He was basically standing up but on his knees.

I went back to sewing after this - I had a fun evening. The kid continued to play together and tear the house apart but it was so worth it to hear their giggles. Then Jay told me to get in the room. I came in to find this

He did this all by himself! By the way there must of been some food on his face - neither one of us can remember what it was though.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What Snow

Yep we had our first snowfall this afternoon. We are only 10 days into October. I hope this isn't a forecast of this winter. If it is, I think the kids and I will hunker down in the big bedroom and turn on the fireplace and just play games.

Looking forward to a semi-quiet weekend. Of course we'll be working but hey that's just life. At least on Saturday I can wear my slippers to work!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The picture at the top of my blog is a row of Lambrettas in California. The first one is ours - I love that bike. Well for one reason or another this summer 3 of our Lambrettas that worked are no longer working. So we are planning on getting two scooters back up and running while at the same time have two other lambrettas fully restored at Casalambretta in Denver. I have no idea what the dollar value will be on this but it will be big - I can be guaranteed that.

I don't mind spending the money as long as we have the money and currently I spend to much money and I doubt we can afford this. So I've been trying to figure out how I can get the lambrettas fixed, this keeps my husband very very happy, and occasionally buy a few things for myself. I have never been good at saving money and really really suck at it these days.

Does anyone have good suggestions on how to cut back on spending. Yeah Yeah I know just don't spend money. But that is really hard these days with the click and buy approach (the Internet). Well that is my current dilemma and any new ideas would rock because I could use them.

9 months plus 1 day

Yesterday my dear sweet baby boy Chas turned 9 months old. Oddly I reflected on how miserable I had been exactly 9 months ago that day and the excitement I had at finally seeing my baby and not being pregnant anymore. Here I am the day I had Chas.

I can't even begin to express how horrible the last three months were. But then I saw him

and all of the last couple of months melted away. He was perfect. The photo is him at 4 days old and he's lost a pound. Pretty much everyday from his birth has been a good day in our family. We just love him and he makes everyone smile - even strangers. Here are a few photos from last night - the first chance I had to get photos of him at 9 months.
Bonnie decided to get ino on the photo time and I couldn't say no. They do get along really well.

Monday, October 6, 2008


In an attempt to get Bonnie to not whine as much on the car trip we bought a Scooby Doo coloring and sticker book. Alas it didn't work. The first three hours of our trip from Idaho to Utah she whined and fell asleep five minutes before we stoped for gas. We couldn't believe it. I laughed and told Jay at least she doesn't disappoint - we always know she'll whine in the car. I was totally laughing when I said this and he looked at me and said you love your family don't you. And I said yep I do - and I do, they are just so freaking awesome.

We left Jay in Logan to watch a BYU game with my sister's husband and three boys. Turns out my sisters baby (he's seven) tried to start a fight with three men sitting next to them. The were cheering for the other team and totally thought my sister's baby was so cute - apparently baby was yelling Aggies suck and other silly phrases. Sister's baby was so proud of himself.

Saturday found my sister and I leaving Jay with Bonnie and us heading out to fabric stores. Again we found my sister's baby telling Jay funny things. Sister was telling Jay he can eat anything he wanted. Sister's baby piped up and said "if you need to know where anything is in the pantry just ask me. I'm in there everyday!" I just about lost it - he is such a character.

Really the one thing that made this weekend great was spending time with family and many many giggles. I think that is always my favorite when we can relax and just laugh.

Sunday was the best. Jay, me, sister, & sister's hubby headed up to Salt Lake to a religious conference and it was so awesome. We were so lucky to get to and just enjoyed ourselves. Here is Jay smiling for the camera - we were pretty high up and off to one side of the conference center.

We headed home and enjoyed a relatively quite ride home. The kids were exhausted beyond belief. I enjoyed it while all three people slept in the car and I just sang out of tune to some of my favorite music.Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So I've never been tagged before.

10 years ago I...

1. falling in love with Jay
2. moved to Spanish Fork Utah
3. learning to swing dance
4. working at a mutli-level marketing company taking orders
5. living in my sister's basement

5-Things on my "to-do" list today

1. make cookies
2. feed the family dinner
3. work at the office
4. sleep
5. charge my phone

5 snacks I enjoy

1. cake
2. chocolate
3. soda
4. cake
5. cookies

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire

1. buy an apartment in Manhattan
2. Make Manhattan my summer residence
3. Visit Tokyo regularly & purchase oodles of Japanese fabric
4. Hire a housekeeper, cook, and personal assistant
5. Buy a restored muscle car for daily driving

5 Jobs I've had

1. cleaned apartments in the summer
2. worked at a coffee shop
3. worked at multilevel marketing company
4. worked at a pizza place
5. mom

Not sure if anyone reads this besides family, so I tag: Lonita