Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Third Trimester

I'm glad to announce that Chas is fully healed. It always blows me away how much energy kids have after being sick, while I on the other hand am still worn out from caring for a little sick one. He was bouncing off the walls yesterday with energy. He made me think of what one of my sister's said. She kept thinking her two year old was getting sick by his behavior but then she told me she finally realized he was just two! That made me laugh pretty hard.

Yesterday, although tiring, was fun having a busy little boy around the house again.

In the morning we took Chas over to the barber shop for his first real haircut. After I butchered his hair it was growing in all weird, so I figured it was time to take him in. The boy was amazing. Not a tear or scream during the whole event. In fact I think he was having a blast watching himself get a hair cut. Plus it helped that I brought suckers for both kids. Now he really does look like a little boy and that is hard for me to grasp. I keep laughing that he's turning into such a big boy and that it's a good thing I'm having another baby.

The kids ran all over the house yesterday and I sent them outside for a while, before it got really hot. The two of them headed to the middle of the yard to work on sandcastles. That is Bonnie's most current obsession.

Other than that time is marching on and we're getting closer to my due date! A little nervous, yes but only because I'll now have more kids than hands! Oh well, I knew what I was getting myself into. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Day

I didn't have high expectations for this Memorial Day. Jay and I wanted to get a lot of work done and that is not yard work but work work. I think Jay may of succeeded and I feel I got a bit done considering I always have the kids with me.

But I knew not much would happen today because Chas began puking on Saturday night.

The poor little guy continued being really sick all day Sunday. He couldn't keep anything down. But it's been 12 hours and no puke, so I'm feeling optimistic. Although this evening he developed a high fever so now we are hoping the fever may be the end of his sickness.

But I still think we carved out a rather nice day for the family. This morning Bonnie & I watered the flowers in the backyard. We still had our pj's on and I did more sitting than anything else but it was great fun for the two of us.

Here she is watering the flowers. I had to give a little direction on where to water because she wanted to water the first two flowers continually.

I was even able to catch her smiling - I think scooter did something funny when I took this photo.

Then later in the day we made Brown Sugar Brownies. A family favorite! I love it because you only have to use one cookie tray and it's quick, but I also love the recipe because the cookies are so darn good. Bonnie has become the helper in the kitchen. She loves helping pour the ingredients into the mixer and I have to admit I've been waiting my whole life to bake with my kids. So for me it was pure fun. While we made cookies Chas got off the couch, he's been living on the couch the past two days, and ended up lying pathetically on the kitchen floor. The poor kid was in the pits.

Later this evening when I still didn't think he felt that great, I caught him in the kitchen red handed.

Don't tell my children but I love it when they sneak snacks when they aren't supposed to. I much prefer sneaky behavior to the annoying behavior of constantly asking for a snack when I've already said no. But when I caught him in the act of piecing off little pieces of cookie, I just thought - he's only this cute once. What happened next shocked me even more.

The first smile in two days. So basically you can have a temperature of a 101 and spent the previous day puking on your mother, but brown sugar brownies will always make you smile. All in all I think the day turned out OK. Plus his fever has been going down and he's asleep in his bed!!! I hope everyone else had a wonderful Memorial Day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sister's Weekend 2009

I must say this sister's weekend was the best by far. Why you ask. Well first all the sister's were able to make it this year. Second we stayed at our Mom's house and no matter what her house is just so relaxing and enjoyable to spend time at. Third, there were no boys!!! Fourth, there were no kids!!!

My sister's are just so great. They threw me a wonderful baby shower while we were in Vegas. I feel so blessed and lucky to have such wonderful family.We had a tough time getting Donna to smile, maybe I farted or something.

Here is one of Krissie and Lonita.

I posted all of the baby shower photos on my flickr site. But as for what else happened in Vegas we didn't photograph. Because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Actually we were just having so much fun hanging out we didn't bother with photos. Plus with two of us pregnant, we weren't feeling all that beautiful.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

In about 45 minutes I head off for an adventure will all my sisters. I can't wait. I am lucky enough to get to fly to Las Vegas with my sister who lives in town. I say I'm lucky because I don't like flying at all. So thankfully we have each other to stay busy.

Jay is staying at home with the kids and the dog. I hope they have a good time because I know I will.

Everyone have a fun weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Photo Shoot

This week I had this really neat idea for a gift for my mother and Jay's mother on Mother's day. I thought I was so clever and that both women would really love it. Seriously I'm sure they would love a cute photo of the kids together.

I thought it would be really cute to get a photo of Bonnie & Chas with their cowboy hats on in the backyard. Today was really the first sunny morning and so I dressed up the kids a little - didn't want them looking too fancy. We marched out back and tried taking photos.

First off I couldn't get Bonnie or Chas near each other. Neither one would really stop moving.

Then I remembered at the last moment that Bonnie has lost the art of smiling. She just gets these funny faces unless I catch her smiling and she doesn't realize the photo is being taken.

I really didn't think it would be that difficult to photograph two youngsters but I was so very very wrong. Not a single photo came out how I'd thought it would be. I imagined this really great photo of the kids kind of looking at each other with their really cute smiles and looking as if they were having a great time. Oh well - I'm just laughing this one off as normal life.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day. I know we will.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daily Life

When we put the kids to bed I'll give Chas a few books to read in his crib and Bonnie will pick out some books or grab pen and paper to color with. It usually works out pretty well putting the kids to bed this way because it gives them time to wind down on their own - something I find hard to do as an adult. Sometimes when Bonnie is drawing in bed at night she gets bored with plain old pencils, so she'll sneak into my office and take my felt tip pens. Then when I go into the office in the morning I'll find that most of my pens are missing. I then have to go into her bedroom and hunt around for pens. I must admit this totally cracks me up.

Yesterday the summer bulbs I ordered arrived. Just in time for Mother's Day! On Mother's Day at our house we plant all our summer flowers and then later we go to Jay's mother's house and do the same for her. We did this last year and it was just so much fun and I'm really looking forward to doing it again this year. Of course I jumped a little early on the flower thing and bought some a while back and planted them but thankfully we still have plenty of room for the new bulbs. Plus I think I should always mention the ideas I have in my head are way more grandiose than what I'm ever able to accomplish. So around the time the baby arrives I should be getting some really pretty flowers and I must admit I am so incredibly excited. Probably more excited then I should be but maybe this will help me get through my morning without any Diet Coke. I forgot to stock up on that yesterday. Oh well.

Friday, May 1, 2009


So please check out this story.

This will make your day. Ok at least it did for me but I've always been easy to please.