Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Las Vegas

We took a long Thanksgiving break this year.  Our school system took the entire week of Thanksgiving off and so Bonnie's preschool did also.  This gave us a full week of vacationing with Grandpa & Grandma McLean.  The kids couldn't wait to go. 

I planned an outing for every day because the kids would just get restless if we didn't do something.  It was also a good idea I planned activities because it was freezing in Vegas and not a lot of fun playing at the park.

Our first day there took us to the Atomic Testing Museum.  It was so cool but I didn't take a lot of photos, it's more of an adult museum with a lot of great stuff to read.

Our second day there took us to the Lied Discovery Children's Museum.  This museum was awesome.  All three kids had a blast and we didn't leave until temper tantrums didn't stop.

Bonnie & Chas had a blast flying a plane and occasionally I heard them blasting off into space!

Charlotte had fun doing her own thing most of the time.

One of her other favorite activities was trying to tackle the stairs.

One of the favorite activities was the bubble station.  There were all kinds of things to do there.

Even Charlotte had fun playing with the bubbles.  Although I think she just enjoyed the taste!
Yes that is Charlotte's little hand.

Upstairs there was this cool seat that you could put kids in and use a pully to hoist them up.  If the kids were older they could do it themselves.  Behind Charlotte is another cool toy the kids spend a ton of time playing at. 

Really this place was so fun and we would of stayed longer but I forgot sippy cups.  Take sippy cups so your kids can last longer.  The best part for parents was that the discovery center had benches for the adults to just sit and watch.  But all the toys were probably as much fun for us as them.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Bonnie

My first born is turning five today.  She's been telling me for months that when she turns five she'll be able to do all kinds of different things.  Today we are at my parents house and I think she is just having a really great day.

I don't have many baby photos because they are on a different computer, which isn't with us.  Happy Birthday big girl.  We love you so much.

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010


We had a busy and fun Halloween.   The kids dressed up and had a great time collecting candy.  Charlotte really got the hang of it this year, I was proud of her.

Here the two girls are anxiously awaiting their brother.  I think he was taking care of business before we left.

 We carved six pumpkins this year, we had some green ones that we didn't even cut into either.  Two small pumpkins we picked up on the field trip and the other four we grew in our yard.  The kids and I had a fun time watching them grow.

The kids just loved the pumpkins.  Charlotte was especially concerned about the pumpkin she is in front of in this photo.

This year we had a princess, alligator monster, and a little bat.  This is about as still as I could get the kids for a photo.

Even though we asked him to stay, the alligator monster was on the move.

Then the alligator monster walked right out of the photo shoot and headed off trick or treating.  I'm just glad I actually got a picture of all three kids together.  Hope you had a wonderful Halloween too!