Monday, August 10, 2009

Family of Five

The Bradley's - Jay, Sally, Chas, Bonnie, & Charlotte - Check out those boots
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My dad took some great family photos at our family reunion. I look at this picture and wonder when did we become a family of five? It seems like only yesterday that I was pregnant with Bonnie. It's amazing how quickly it flies by.

Time (and a slightly boring post)

Time seems to be slipping by me this summer. I don't seem to have enough of it to do anything, especially things that I'd like too. Plus having a new baby and a little boy that has hit the terrible twos doesn't help my time situation.

Here's a frustration I have. Cold medicine for kids. Now the labels don't want you giving cold medicine to children under 6! That is so ridiculous. I say this because my poor son has had a runny nose for over a week and I've got nothing to help ease the dripping. As an adult that is capable of blowing my nose I know how annoying it is for me but I can only imagine the frustration a 19 month old feels when he can't do anything about it. Well that's my rant for the day.

I'm now off to make a dinner menu for the week, clean house, do the dishes, feed the kids, and continually feed the baby. Wow sometimes motherhood sounds so boring. I think my first priority is to restock the house with diet coke (especially since the boy is already throwing his first fit of the day).

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'm home from my families reunion. We traveled to Breckenridge Colorado for a few days of fun with family. The weather was totally wonderful and made the location a great spot.

Now I'm trying to tackle the return from going on vacation. I've got tons of laundry to do and kids to keep happy. Thankfully I caught about 20 mins of quiet to fall asleep. I woke up covered in some of Bonnie's favorite toys. I had a picture on my belly of myself, Bonnie & Chas. This must be one of her favorite photos.

Then I had two barbies in each arm. I had a small bag that I had created for Bonnie a few years ago at Grandma McLean's house. I also had two my little ponies ( these came from Alexis - Bonnie's cousin). There were a few other toys strewn about my body and it just made me laugh. Clearly I must be a good mom because she wouldn't decorate just anybody when they were asleep.