Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Driving with children

Jay and I love to take road trips.  We enjoy listening to music and also just having silly conversations.  One of my favorite things we do on road trips is when all the kids are asleep we'll pick a year of our lives and tell one memory we have from that year.

Having kids has definitely put a damper on road trips.  For some weird reason they don't enjoy sitting locked down in a car seat for hours on end.  Our current protester of long car rides would be Charlotte.  She absolutely dislikes all car rides that don't end within 30 minutes, which incidentally is just the amount of time it takes to get to my sister's house. 

On Friday we left our house around nap time, Jay and I strategically leave at nap time so all the kids will fall asleep while we are on the road for an hour or two.  Charlotte has this uncanny ability to not fall asleep at that time but she then falls asleep right before we stop for gas.  This last Friday was no exception.  I am sure she screamed for half the ride till I turned around and entertained her for another 30 minutes, which at that point I was totally sick from the twisty road and had to turn around and look straight ahead.  The road to McCall follows a river and is absolutely beautiful but also has the potential to make you car sick.  At that point I turned on a lullaby CD, which is not something I normally do and within three songs she finally fell asleep. 

Yeah, that's a picture of happiness right there.  Actually I thought it would be fun to show her this photo when she gets bigger, heck maybe I'll sneak it into her wedding video when she's all grown up!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


We spent another wonderful weekend in McCall.  Our whole family had such a good time.  This was the first time we've taken the kids camping for two nights and I have to say the second night is the best because everyone is so tired they all slept through the night!  It rocked. 

While camping we did our best to wear out the kids beyond all belief.  The first night there we took the kids huckleberry picking. 

Bonnie did a really great job helping Jay pick berries.  I had Charlotte in my arms so I wasn't much good except for telling them which bushes were full berries.  These are the yummiest berries ever!  Jay and I had huckleberry pancakes for breakfast the next morning (the pancakes rocked)!

The next day we spent at the beach, as the kids like to say.  It was really Payette Lake and was so beautiful.  The weather was just perfect and Bonnie had a great time seeing how far she could get in waist deep.

Chas just played on the beach and Charlotte scooted around all day on the beach.  It was just a blast.

We got back to our campsite pretty late that night.  Charlotte went straight to bed and the kids & I watched a movie.  Isn't camping grand?  We have a small portable DVD player and it was so worth the money, at night it's a great way to get the kids in the tent and just calm down before you stick them in bed. 

We camped right by the big rock again and had many adventures trying to climb the rock.  But at this point in my day all I want to do is this:

Oh how I love to sleep.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010