Monday, March 30, 2009

I would just like everyone to know my boiling skills are so up to par. In fact my boiled eggs rocked!

Other than that not much has been happening.

I'm almost finished with Bonnie's Easter dress and I must say I don't care for the bodice fabric I chose. Oh well, I'm not turning back now. Must be my stubborn side.

I am rather excited to finish the dress because Bonnie has not seen any of creating process of this dress, so for the most part it will be a nice surprise. Although, she does know there is a princess dress in the works - that's code for Easter dress.

Chas is really getting the walking thing down. He has walked about 10 steps in a row and across the living room. As parents we couldn't be prouder, especially since his body is so disproportionate.

Wells that's it. Not much else to say but we're working and busy. I'm so looking forward to April 16th. We'll still be busy but there is just that feeling of relief when April 15th ends and April 16th begins.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Dinner is my least favorite thing to do. Mainly because 50% of the household never likes what I cook and I find myself yet again finding new appreciation for all the crap my Mom put up with when she had seven kids at home.

Last Saturday I decided to hard boil some eggs. I figured I needed to get my boiling skills up to par for Easter. So I boiled a lot of eggs.

Yesterday I realized it was Wednesday and I had not eaten a single egg. On the hard boiling instructions it said to make sure I ate the eggs within a week of boiling. So I cracked one open at lunch and enjoyed a wonderful hard boiled egg. Well then I got the idea that I'd really love an egg salad sandwich.

As usual I had yet to plan dinner and so I figured we'd have egg salad sandwiches. I went online and discovered this recipe. I know you are probably laughing that I had to use the Internet to make a simple sandwich. But I have a habit of messing up simple things. Jay and I really liked this recipe. The only think I didn't add was celery because in my opinion if you want to ruin a perfectly good dish add yucky celery.

I was so surprised at how much Jay liked it. He said the lettuce and the toasted rye bread made it taste so good. He even commented that he'd love having it as a meal once a week - this is a first in our almost 10 years of marriage.

Since the recipe was such a hit I felt like I better share it. I hope everyone else enjoys the recipe as much as I did. On a side note the kids had hot dogs for dinner.

Monday, March 23, 2009


One afternoon Bonnie decided scooter was thirsty. She went and picked out a glass just for him and filled it with chilled water from the fridge. She then promptly sat down and called for scooter. He came a running and quickly slurped down the water. The poor dog doesn't get a lot of time to drink water these days - Chas thinks the water is for him to dump out. So poor scooter only gets water when Chas is sleeping. Most days that isn't very much and I think that may of been what happened on this day.

She's becoming quiet the little mommy.
I just caught Chas staring out the window in a daze as he eats a banana. That's pretty much sums up how I feel. I'm so ready for bed today.

Oh and good news. I went back get a second ultrasound and everything looks super! Plus I got to see a really cute foot picture!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Saturday during this time of year can be a blessing and other times terrible. Today it has been a blessing.

The whole family is healthy again! Just in time to go to church tomorrow and catch a new bug - Chas has fallen prey to this twice.

Another blessing about today was Jay and I slept till 8 AM!!! That was only Jay & I, we could hear the kids playing in their bedroom (Chas luckily was still in his crib). At one point Bonnie burst into our bedroom and said Grandma & Grandpa are talking! Jay and I both realized at that moment in time we'd overslept and his parents had left a message on the answering machine reminding us about breakfast. Sleeping till 8 AM just felt so glorious to me.

Plus today has turned into a beautiful day again! I've got the windows open and am loving it.

Thanks for all the comments helping me feel better. I think it had had it on Thursday and the idea of cleaning out Bonnie's puky car seat while being pregnant was just too much. Things are definitely looking up today.

Plus I'm not working tonight because I'm pulling out the sewing machine and doing some sewing for a little Bonnie. I have always wanted to have a little tradition that the kids have new dresses for Easter - I haven't figured out what the boys would get new, maybe a new sweater vest I love those.

So I saw this cute dress on the Internet. I thought the colors looked great together and I've loved the flower fabric but just couldn't think of what to make with it. So Bonnie and I picked out the fabric and ordered it online - my selection of fabric sucks in Idaho.

I went to the local fabric store to get the silky top and a pattern. So tonight I'm starting on the dress. We won't be having a big sash because in the end I'm just not that girly and I think the whole bubble dress is pretty cool and don't want to detour from that.

So that's us. Have a wonderful Saturday.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

pity me

I'm writing this post just to let anyone who cares that we're still here.

This has been a crappy week to say the least. On Monday Chas puked at my pregnant sister's house. I felt so bad I can't even put it into words. Cleaning up puke normally sucks but when you're pregnant it really is just that much worse.

By Tuesday it seemed all was well in our house.

Yesterday I had a cruddy pregnancy day myself. In fact I called Jay at one point and said I'm sick - like he can do a single thing for me. I guess when we're feeling yucky we'll do anything to get someone to care.

Yesterday when I put Chas down for his second nap the house got really quiet. I went in search of Bonnie who no longer naps. I imagined her getting into something she shouldn't off. Nope the kid was fast asleep on the couch. I was so excited I climbed right into my lazyboy and fell fast asleep.

This morning Bonnie was acting very odd but we just assumed that she was tired. When we almost made it to my sisters house she puked all over herself and her car seat. Needless to say I was totally grossed out. So that brings everyone up to date on my mundane week.

We've had some excitement this week. On Monday we bought Bonnie a beautiful new bicycle and on Wednesday I found shoes to fit over Chas's chunky feet. He is so excited to wear the shoes that they never come off. Surprised me because he refuses to wear sock.

Hope everyone else's week is fairing a bit better.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Friday Night

Last Friday Jay had a banquet dinner to go to and the kids & I stayed home. I decided instead of being sad that I wasn't going to get to see my husband all night I'd make it fun. I ordered the three of us Pizza Hut Pizza. Just for the record pizza always makes things fun. This is one of my favorite pizzas but so clearly fattening that I don't usually eat there.

We got home with the pizza and the three of us almost ate an entire large. I'll put a disclaimer here, the unborn baby I think is going through a growth spurt because these days I'm hungry all the time, it's crazy. So once we all finished stuffing our mouths we went into the front room and played. I've learned with my two little ones that if I want to make their day I'll just sit on the floor and they feel like I'm playing on their level. They really really like this. So the kids made a game out of taking a few steps and falling into the doggy bed. The dog's bed has become a favorite play place and resting place for the kids.

The best part about the two of them playing together these days is Chas is now big enough that he doesn't really get hurt. I am now beginning to understand what other parents were talking about when they said two kids are great, they play together. Well they don't get along all the time but they sure do have fun together when they do get along. It's been pretty rewarding for me as mommy.

We realized that Chas really is becoming the tough guy last night. He's into biting right now and really bit Bonnie hard. I didn't realize that was what he was up to, I thought he was just giving her a hard time by climbing over her while she tried to put her socks and shoes on. Poor girl. I felt bad after I saw the bite mark on her arm. Any suggestions on how to stop this behavior?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Saturday Night

I know many people do fun things on Saturday nights but I can't remember back to the pre-kids days of having fun and not having to pay a babysitter too.

So on my Saturday I had my own fun. I finished a dress I cut out for Bonnie a long time ago.

Another pose.

I'm not kidding when these really were some of the best photos that came out of our little photo shoot.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


No I'm not 23 anymore, I turned the big 30 this year. I'm 23 weeks pregnant and a few things have developed in this pregnancy that really means there is no going back. Ok there was no going back the minute I found out I was pregnant. I can't believe in a month I'll be in my 3rd trimester, this baby is coming sooner then I have really thought about.

My latest developments in pregnancy are the lower back aches every night. I've hit it, I'm in pain. But the thing that really makes me sad is my cravings. I can't get enough of these or these. Needless to say this isn't the best development in my pregnancy as I was hoping I wouldn't crave the candy. But alas the candy monster has bitten and I can't get enough chocolate. It makes me wish my sister still lived in England and could buy the good chocolate not the OK American chocolate. Oh and I also found out I love kit-kats.

All in all we've finally decided it's OK having kids close together. Although I hate the fact that only Jay and I find the need to use a toilet instead of diapers the kids are freaking cute together. They've started playing together and the giggles are just too much. We can't get enough. Plus at this point in life we can't remember how wonderfully easy life was before the kids came.

Anyway I hope everyone else's Sunday is not filled with craving thoughts of chocolate.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Feels like a long time

I was going through old photos yesterday and found this one of Bonnie when she was just one week old.

I can't believe how perfect she is. I looked at this photo last night and with all my pregnancy hormones I started to cry. Oh my goodness it was ridiculous.

I just love this photo. She is laying in her blessing dress on her quilt from Grandma McLean. She still sleeps with that quilt and calls it the grandma quilt. It is really cute. It just amazes me how little she is here and how she's grown into such a big girl. Thank goodness for pictures so we can be reminded of these little treasures.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So the urge to nest hit me big time today. Yeah I'm swamped with work but I couldn't take the mess of my front room any more. The kids and I (mostly me) picked up the toys in the house. Then I went to work vacuuming like a crazy woman. Jay walked in while I was vacuuming and commented that he could tell big things were happening around the house. Granted normally I would of been annoyed at him but he knew I didn't take my medicine today and I knew I didn't take my medicine today and so I thought better of it and kept quiet. But all in all I felt like yes, big things did happen here today.

Some of the furniture in the front room disappeared (or made it's way to the barn). I'm not ready to part with my coffee table because it is so beautiful and will look great with our modern furniture we plan on buying once we don't have kids around the house. Like I said to Jay yesterday, there is no way the kids are eating off my future Heywood Wakefield table - it's too pretty for that.

Earlier in the day I had spent taking boxes of non-maternity clothing out to our barn to be stored while I bulge into mega pregnant mom. That tracked in a lot of sand from the feeding area (the barn is in the area where the old owners would feed the horses and whatever other livestock they kept on the land. It was so nice & wonderful to get those boxes out of the house.

Yes my kitchen is still a mess because well cleaning the whole house takes a lot more back pain then I can bare. This evening I felt like my sister who threw her back out this weekend - except I didn't have to bend down to walk. She was so funny on Monday, she was walking around bent over all day. Thankfully she feels better now.

If anyone else has the urge to get nesting and can handle someone slightly uptight about how the toy boxes are separated - feel free to stop on by. I'll always take help.