Thursday, March 19, 2009

pity me

I'm writing this post just to let anyone who cares that we're still here.

This has been a crappy week to say the least. On Monday Chas puked at my pregnant sister's house. I felt so bad I can't even put it into words. Cleaning up puke normally sucks but when you're pregnant it really is just that much worse.

By Tuesday it seemed all was well in our house.

Yesterday I had a cruddy pregnancy day myself. In fact I called Jay at one point and said I'm sick - like he can do a single thing for me. I guess when we're feeling yucky we'll do anything to get someone to care.

Yesterday when I put Chas down for his second nap the house got really quiet. I went in search of Bonnie who no longer naps. I imagined her getting into something she shouldn't off. Nope the kid was fast asleep on the couch. I was so excited I climbed right into my lazyboy and fell fast asleep.

This morning Bonnie was acting very odd but we just assumed that she was tired. When we almost made it to my sisters house she puked all over herself and her car seat. Needless to say I was totally grossed out. So that brings everyone up to date on my mundane week.

We've had some excitement this week. On Monday we bought Bonnie a beautiful new bicycle and on Wednesday I found shoes to fit over Chas's chunky feet. He is so excited to wear the shoes that they never come off. Surprised me because he refuses to wear sock.

Hope everyone else's week is fairing a bit better.


denverallens said...

Pity, pity, pity. Poor Sally. Life sucks with sick kids! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Lonita said...

That sucks. Hope things get better soon!

claushausIII said...

Oh Sally I feel your pain. I was alone for the first 6 months when pregnant this last time and it seemed that there was so much more nastiness than usual that I had to clean up by myself. You have all of my pity.

Aim said...

That is never any fun. Last time Orson got sick and puked he turned into a really angry sick kid. A sick cuddlely kid is way better than an angry one.

I found Cedric the other day trying to put on some of Orson's shoes. So I thought maybe I better put some on him. The poor kid has never worn shoes. He got really mad at me for putting shoes on him, he didn't like them at all. He is doing better at keeping his socks on though.