Saturday, March 21, 2009


Saturday during this time of year can be a blessing and other times terrible. Today it has been a blessing.

The whole family is healthy again! Just in time to go to church tomorrow and catch a new bug - Chas has fallen prey to this twice.

Another blessing about today was Jay and I slept till 8 AM!!! That was only Jay & I, we could hear the kids playing in their bedroom (Chas luckily was still in his crib). At one point Bonnie burst into our bedroom and said Grandma & Grandpa are talking! Jay and I both realized at that moment in time we'd overslept and his parents had left a message on the answering machine reminding us about breakfast. Sleeping till 8 AM just felt so glorious to me.

Plus today has turned into a beautiful day again! I've got the windows open and am loving it.

Thanks for all the comments helping me feel better. I think it had had it on Thursday and the idea of cleaning out Bonnie's puky car seat while being pregnant was just too much. Things are definitely looking up today.

Plus I'm not working tonight because I'm pulling out the sewing machine and doing some sewing for a little Bonnie. I have always wanted to have a little tradition that the kids have new dresses for Easter - I haven't figured out what the boys would get new, maybe a new sweater vest I love those.

So I saw this cute dress on the Internet. I thought the colors looked great together and I've loved the flower fabric but just couldn't think of what to make with it. So Bonnie and I picked out the fabric and ordered it online - my selection of fabric sucks in Idaho.

I went to the local fabric store to get the silky top and a pattern. So tonight I'm starting on the dress. We won't be having a big sash because in the end I'm just not that girly and I think the whole bubble dress is pretty cool and don't want to detour from that.

So that's us. Have a wonderful Saturday.

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