Monday, March 23, 2009


One afternoon Bonnie decided scooter was thirsty. She went and picked out a glass just for him and filled it with chilled water from the fridge. She then promptly sat down and called for scooter. He came a running and quickly slurped down the water. The poor dog doesn't get a lot of time to drink water these days - Chas thinks the water is for him to dump out. So poor scooter only gets water when Chas is sleeping. Most days that isn't very much and I think that may of been what happened on this day.

She's becoming quiet the little mommy.


Lonita said...

Wow, what a sophisticated dog Scooter is - drinking from a glass and everything. Does he eat his dog food with silverware as well?

denverallens said...

How cute is that. Our cats just steal our cold water with ice on the sly. Yuck!

Donna said...

What a privileged dog!