Thursday, March 26, 2009


Dinner is my least favorite thing to do. Mainly because 50% of the household never likes what I cook and I find myself yet again finding new appreciation for all the crap my Mom put up with when she had seven kids at home.

Last Saturday I decided to hard boil some eggs. I figured I needed to get my boiling skills up to par for Easter. So I boiled a lot of eggs.

Yesterday I realized it was Wednesday and I had not eaten a single egg. On the hard boiling instructions it said to make sure I ate the eggs within a week of boiling. So I cracked one open at lunch and enjoyed a wonderful hard boiled egg. Well then I got the idea that I'd really love an egg salad sandwich.

As usual I had yet to plan dinner and so I figured we'd have egg salad sandwiches. I went online and discovered this recipe. I know you are probably laughing that I had to use the Internet to make a simple sandwich. But I have a habit of messing up simple things. Jay and I really liked this recipe. The only think I didn't add was celery because in my opinion if you want to ruin a perfectly good dish add yucky celery.

I was so surprised at how much Jay liked it. He said the lettuce and the toasted rye bread made it taste so good. He even commented that he'd love having it as a meal once a week - this is a first in our almost 10 years of marriage.

Since the recipe was such a hit I felt like I better share it. I hope everyone else enjoys the recipe as much as I did. On a side note the kids had hot dogs for dinner.


Tim said...

"I figured I needed to get my boiling skills up to par" - Nice!

However, I am a little scared you need practice to boil water.

Aim said...

Sounds good, egg salad sandwiches are something that I have always been scared of. I will have to give it a try.

Donna said...

What happened to your links? Are your boiling skills good enough for Easter now?