Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So the urge to nest hit me big time today. Yeah I'm swamped with work but I couldn't take the mess of my front room any more. The kids and I (mostly me) picked up the toys in the house. Then I went to work vacuuming like a crazy woman. Jay walked in while I was vacuuming and commented that he could tell big things were happening around the house. Granted normally I would of been annoyed at him but he knew I didn't take my medicine today and I knew I didn't take my medicine today and so I thought better of it and kept quiet. But all in all I felt like yes, big things did happen here today.

Some of the furniture in the front room disappeared (or made it's way to the barn). I'm not ready to part with my coffee table because it is so beautiful and will look great with our modern furniture we plan on buying once we don't have kids around the house. Like I said to Jay yesterday, there is no way the kids are eating off my future Heywood Wakefield table - it's too pretty for that.

Earlier in the day I had spent taking boxes of non-maternity clothing out to our barn to be stored while I bulge into mega pregnant mom. That tracked in a lot of sand from the feeding area (the barn is in the area where the old owners would feed the horses and whatever other livestock they kept on the land. It was so nice & wonderful to get those boxes out of the house.

Yes my kitchen is still a mess because well cleaning the whole house takes a lot more back pain then I can bare. This evening I felt like my sister who threw her back out this weekend - except I didn't have to bend down to walk. She was so funny on Monday, she was walking around bent over all day. Thankfully she feels better now.

If anyone else has the urge to get nesting and can handle someone slightly uptight about how the toy boxes are separated - feel free to stop on by. I'll always take help.


claushausIII said...

Amen to not buying nice furniture while your kids are inclined to stab it with a fork and color your leather couch with a permanant marker.

Aim said...

If I was closer, I would come and help. I know this feeling, it happens to me, even when I'm not pregnant.

quilts and quirks said...

I'm on my way to help, I wish. Cleaning up, sorting out, and rearranging is hard work. But, well worth all the effort and back pain involved. I bet it looks more like you want now, even a day after cleaning, with children scattering toys on the floor again.

Donna said...

It's impossible to keep the toys separated. Just give in now.