Sunday, February 22, 2009


My posting over the next 45 days will be few and far between. Tax season is upon me and it's all I can do to keep my head above water. The kids are doing great and seem to understand that Mom's stressed out beyond all belief.

But onto more exciting topics. About a month ago we traveled north to McCall Idaho. They have a winter carnival with neat ice sculptures. As we were driving along a river, I saw a bald Eagle come up from the river and land on a tree. I was amazed and shocked. I didn't think they lived this far south. Well yesterday or maybe Friday Jay was reading an article from the newspaper that told us people were seeing Eagles and Golden Eagles all along the green belt. So anyway I thought that was really cool and news worthy.

This morning while I was eating breakfast the pheasant ran through our front yard. I haven't seen him all winter and I was worried maybe he'd moved. But who cares because he's back!


Urban Parks said...

We had bald eagles in Indiana and Iowa. See the note below:
"Bald Eagles have a presence in every U. S. state except Hawaii. Bald Eagles use a specific territory for nesting, winter feeding or a year-round residence. Its natural domain is from Alaska to Baja, California, and from Maine to Florida. Bald Eagles that reside in the northern U. S. and Canada migrate to the warmer southern climates of the U. S. during the winter to obtain easier access to food, especially fish."

Aim said...

That's cool! I don't think I have ever seen a wild bald eagle.