Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'd like to post that we've been having non-stop fun this week but really we've just been sick.

A week ago Chas & Jay came down with the 72 hour flu. That totally sucked.

Now at this point all four of us have terrible colds. Poor little Bonnie has this terrible cough that makes me just so sad to hear it. She took a long nap today and is looking a million times better right now.

I suggest if you don't have a cold stay away from anyone that does because it sucks.

Oh on a positive note Chas has said his first word: Scooter. That's our dog's name. He says t all the time now to the dog and it is just so cute.


denverallens said...

How perfect is that! Scooter! I love it. Mac's first word was HOT DOG! He wanted them all the time!

Lonita said...

Hope you guys feel better soon! I am counting the days till cold season is over!

How perfect that Chas's first word is Scooter. He can totally multi-task with that word - ready to call the dog or beg for a Vespa!