Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Friday Night

Last Friday Jay had a banquet dinner to go to and the kids & I stayed home. I decided instead of being sad that I wasn't going to get to see my husband all night I'd make it fun. I ordered the three of us Pizza Hut Pizza. Just for the record pizza always makes things fun. This is one of my favorite pizzas but so clearly fattening that I don't usually eat there.

We got home with the pizza and the three of us almost ate an entire large. I'll put a disclaimer here, the unborn baby I think is going through a growth spurt because these days I'm hungry all the time, it's crazy. So once we all finished stuffing our mouths we went into the front room and played. I've learned with my two little ones that if I want to make their day I'll just sit on the floor and they feel like I'm playing on their level. They really really like this. So the kids made a game out of taking a few steps and falling into the doggy bed. The dog's bed has become a favorite play place and resting place for the kids.

The best part about the two of them playing together these days is Chas is now big enough that he doesn't really get hurt. I am now beginning to understand what other parents were talking about when they said two kids are great, they play together. Well they don't get along all the time but they sure do have fun together when they do get along. It's been pretty rewarding for me as mommy.

We realized that Chas really is becoming the tough guy last night. He's into biting right now and really bit Bonnie hard. I didn't realize that was what he was up to, I thought he was just giving her a hard time by climbing over her while she tried to put her socks and shoes on. Poor girl. I felt bad after I saw the bite mark on her arm. Any suggestions on how to stop this behavior?


quilts and quirks said...

You have learned the trick to playing with kids: get on their level. What fun. Plus photos to show how much fun they are having. Smiles and I can just hear the giggles.

mommybake said...

This will sound mean - but bite him back. Or flick him in the mouth.

Donna said...

How cute of them, playing on the doggy bed like they're one of him!

Tim said...

I want to comment on how nice and clean your house looks!

denverallens said...

As I was looking at that photo of the last two, I think Chaz looks a LOT like Mike did! He's got so much hair now!