Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Day

I didn't have high expectations for this Memorial Day. Jay and I wanted to get a lot of work done and that is not yard work but work work. I think Jay may of succeeded and I feel I got a bit done considering I always have the kids with me.

But I knew not much would happen today because Chas began puking on Saturday night.

The poor little guy continued being really sick all day Sunday. He couldn't keep anything down. But it's been 12 hours and no puke, so I'm feeling optimistic. Although this evening he developed a high fever so now we are hoping the fever may be the end of his sickness.

But I still think we carved out a rather nice day for the family. This morning Bonnie & I watered the flowers in the backyard. We still had our pj's on and I did more sitting than anything else but it was great fun for the two of us.

Here she is watering the flowers. I had to give a little direction on where to water because she wanted to water the first two flowers continually.

I was even able to catch her smiling - I think scooter did something funny when I took this photo.

Then later in the day we made Brown Sugar Brownies. A family favorite! I love it because you only have to use one cookie tray and it's quick, but I also love the recipe because the cookies are so darn good. Bonnie has become the helper in the kitchen. She loves helping pour the ingredients into the mixer and I have to admit I've been waiting my whole life to bake with my kids. So for me it was pure fun. While we made cookies Chas got off the couch, he's been living on the couch the past two days, and ended up lying pathetically on the kitchen floor. The poor kid was in the pits.

Later this evening when I still didn't think he felt that great, I caught him in the kitchen red handed.

Don't tell my children but I love it when they sneak snacks when they aren't supposed to. I much prefer sneaky behavior to the annoying behavior of constantly asking for a snack when I've already said no. But when I caught him in the act of piecing off little pieces of cookie, I just thought - he's only this cute once. What happened next shocked me even more.

The first smile in two days. So basically you can have a temperature of a 101 and spent the previous day puking on your mother, but brown sugar brownies will always make you smile. All in all I think the day turned out OK. Plus his fever has been going down and he's asleep in his bed!!! I hope everyone else had a wonderful Memorial Day.


Donna said...

How stinking cute is he!?! BSB's always make you feel better.

Urban Parks said...

In spite of Chas being ill, what a great day. Bonnie is turning into such a great helper, even if it is just periodic. I can see her when she is older being "in charge" of the flower garden. And of course, Chas will always be in charge of sneaking a BSB. Go Boy!

mommybake said...

I am glad you still had a good day! And that Chas is feeling better!! Lexi only pucked the one time, but has a fever and Ellen has a fever too.

quilts and quirks said...

Bonnie and Chas. are cuties. They have great smiles. Plus BSB, does it get any better? No.

denverallens said...

How cute are they! You always take such cute pictures of them. You have a gift. So cute!

Lonita said...

I just love his smile after realizing he got caught - he is so cute! (And definitely a McLean - he can still muster up the strength for dessert, even after being sick!)