Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Third Trimester

I'm glad to announce that Chas is fully healed. It always blows me away how much energy kids have after being sick, while I on the other hand am still worn out from caring for a little sick one. He was bouncing off the walls yesterday with energy. He made me think of what one of my sister's said. She kept thinking her two year old was getting sick by his behavior but then she told me she finally realized he was just two! That made me laugh pretty hard.

Yesterday, although tiring, was fun having a busy little boy around the house again.

In the morning we took Chas over to the barber shop for his first real haircut. After I butchered his hair it was growing in all weird, so I figured it was time to take him in. The boy was amazing. Not a tear or scream during the whole event. In fact I think he was having a blast watching himself get a hair cut. Plus it helped that I brought suckers for both kids. Now he really does look like a little boy and that is hard for me to grasp. I keep laughing that he's turning into such a big boy and that it's a good thing I'm having another baby.

The kids ran all over the house yesterday and I sent them outside for a while, before it got really hot. The two of them headed to the middle of the yard to work on sandcastles. That is Bonnie's most current obsession.

Other than that time is marching on and we're getting closer to my due date! A little nervous, yes but only because I'll now have more kids than hands! Oh well, I knew what I was getting myself into. Have a wonderful day!


Donna said...

enjoy these fun times with the little ones cuz they grow up too fast.

denverallens said...

She's right! so fast!

Urban Parks said...

So where is the photo of our little man with the slick haircut?

Aim said...

Kids do grow up way too fast! Yesterday we had a friend do our family pictures, I put a tie on Cedric for the first time and it really made him look so much older. When is your due date?