Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy little bees

Can I just say this week has been so busy.

Last Sunday we delivered the kids to my sister's house for the week. Very Very Early Monday morning we headed to the airport - now mind you we didn't need to be there that early. We were off to Texas for a business trip and my last plane trip before the baby comes.

We got home late Thursday night and headed to bed. Then we were up on Friday to pick up little kids from my sister's and then head out to McCall Idaho. It took us about three hours to get ready and I think Bonnie was on the verge of exploding because she couldn't wait to go camping.

I can describe our camping trip with one word: Wet!! It rained all night long on Friday night. Jay made us a yummy dinner and a yummy breakfast just like he always does when we go camping. We stayed at the Boy Scout camp and on Saturday Jay was busy helping get the camp ready for the summer camp season.

The kids and I headed into town Saturday morning and played on the beach. Oh it was so much fun and I didn't realize the kids would like it so much.
Here the little guy is sitting next to me and checking out all the other kids on the beach.
Here Bonnie is wandering the beach. We had just arrived and she was checking out her surroundings.

Bonnie found a million or so feathers on the beach. She had great fun collecting the feathers and making a sand castle out of them.

Here Chas is sitting next to the feather sand castle while Bonnie marches back to the water.

It turned out to be a very nice day.

On the way home Jay & I were keeping our eyes peeled for the golden eagles we had seen on the way up to McCall. We saw four just sitting on a fence - talk about cool. Then on the way home they weren't there but we saw the big nest they lived in. Then we saw on the next telephone pole another Golden Eagle that was tearing apart it's dinner. Pretty cool way to end our camping trip.


mommybake said...

Sounds like you had a good time!! I am glad!!

Lonita said...

Cute pics - looks like you had a great time!

Urban Parks said...

Those are really big feathers! Being city girl I have to ask "are the feathers from some of the golden eagles"? Looks like all had fun, good for you, Jay, and the little ones.

Urban Parks said...

That last comment was from your Mom, not me!

Donna said...

How fun! Kids love the beach so much altho Clayton didn't like the sea beach at that age, he kept scooting farther and farther away. Can't really blame him, it's pretty big.