Monday, June 8, 2009


As I come closer and closer to the delivery of this baby I can't help but feel totally unprepared.

I haven't brought in any baby girls clothes from the barn and washed them like I should. I haven't even purchased baby detergent for the baby clothes.

The bassinet is buried way deep in the back of the barn. And heck Chas is still sleeping in the crib.

I also wonder how we'll fit another child into the kids room (plus the dresser and other furniture that seems to accompany babies!

Oh well. I think I'll be ok.

My favorite part of the morning just happened. Daddy & Grandpa returned from their morning walk and the kids run outside to greet them. It always always always puts a smile on my face.


quilts and quirks said...

Oh, the panic that comes at the last month before the baby comes. But, you can get it all ready. Tomorrow Jay and grandpa can get the bassinet and clothes out. You can wash them anytime for the next three weeks. Scoot the little girl into your room when she comes and you are set for maybe two months. We'll work on everything after she comes. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Donna said...

You are strong and tough! You will make it. I'm excited for a new baby! Especially since it's not mine.

sally said...

Thanks. I think I had a little of the early morning freak outs today. I saw online someone who had their entire baby room all prepared and I thought - crap I haven't done anything besides eat a lot of yummy food.

Urban Parks said...

Sally, by now I thought you would know that Fathers and Grandfathers don't have a clue. You had better be giving some advise or nothing will come in from the barn! Also, Mom says your nesting. It happens to every single mother! God Bless

Lonita said...

I know what you mean - I was really glad Joshua didn't arrive any earlier than he did, as we really only got all that stuff ready the weekend before he was born. But I'm sure you'll be fine no matter what, since (unlike us) you know what you're doing the 3rd time around!