Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stepping Stones

My back flower garden has stones running down the center so the kids can water the flowers without stepping on the flowers. Bonnie has been doing a wonderful job at staying off the flowers. She does this mainly because she likes pretty flowers too.

My little boy, Chas, is very much like his older cousin, Clayton, was at this age. In fact there are many moments I think it must be little Clayton and not my baby.

I'm not sure if you can tell buy he's not crying in this photo - this is the look or scream of pure joy. If you notice he's completely off the stepping stones and in the middle of the flower bed. But he tries so hard not to actually step on the plants that I can't really get too mad.

Looking at that photo reminds me of a time I went to visit my sister's house around early spring. I was still in college at UVSC but had a short break before my next set of classes.

I pulled into her driveway and saw Clayton sitting in her flowerbed. As I got closer I realized he was pulling the daffodils out of the ground, not to mention he had sat right down in the middle of the daffodil patch. I went inside and asked Donna if Clayton was picking flowers for her. I've never seen Donna move so fast. She was incoherently muttering something about he's not supposed to be there. Sure enough Clayton was quickly removed from the flower bed. Turns out he had been pulling the petals off earlier and had already been in trouble for messing with the flower bed. Don't boys understand, you only pull weeds in the flower bed not the actual flowers.

At the time I found this very hilarious but now as a mother of a toddler myself I can fully relate.

Now whenever I see Chas destroying the flowers I'm just constantly reminded of little Clayton and his crazy mom. By the way, I absolutely loved living by Donna, Jay & I had so much fun and learned so much about parenting and relationships.

Also no baby as of yet. I'm not even progressing but I think around July 5th (the actual due date) I'll get my chance to finally have this baby.


mommybake said...

That is too funny!!

Lonita said...

Wow, he looks totally ecstatic - how cute!

denverallens said...

I'm at Donna's right now, there are NO daffodils remaining. Maybe Clayton remedied that problem. But we are having a blast going to quilt stores and Ikea! Tomorrow the Temple Open House. Tonight Dirty Jo's!

quilts and quirks said...

He is such a cute little person!! He is totally happy. I remember Suzanne following my example of trimming the tomato plants in the early summer. She trimmed all the branches off the three plants. No tomatoes.

Donna said...

I loved having you live by me too! And this year NO ONE has picked the flowers our of my garden for the first time ever!!!!!!