Monday, October 27, 2008

Tagged Again

I was tagged by my sister Jeni on her blog with the instructions to open my 3rd picture folder and post the 3rd picture in it. Well, here it is:
This is a photo from Christmas morning in 2006. We were staying at Donna's house with ALL of my family. The only people not staying at Donna's house were my parents. It was around 26 people with three dogs that Christmas. It was insane to say the least.

Now I tag Lonita and Karen.


Aim said...

Nice picture. You never told me you had a blog. I found it by looking at my blogs statistics, I saw that you had a link to mine on yours. Thanks for the link.

sally said...

Hi Aim. So which blog is yours - I visit a lot of different blogs.

Donna said...

So much fun that year!

Aim said...

Sally so I forget that people don't know who I am from my blogger ID name. It is I Amy Hunter. Sorry that I didn't specify.