Wednesday, October 15, 2008

T-shirt reads Crazy Mama

So yesterday amidst all the insane hours Jay and I have been putting in I thought I need to visit my mom. This Sunday Jay heads off for Phoenix to go to a conference and I thought why the heck do I need to stay home. So with the click of a button I bought two plane tickets to Vegas. One for me and one for Bonnie - Chas will sit in my lap. Don't ask my why I am traveling on a plane with two small children but it's not for that long and I can easily handle an hour and a half of screaming.

Now that I've gone and purchased the tickets I can barely sit still. Three days with my parents and with no plans at all. I am planning on relaxing with the kids and visiting the park a lot. The park is very close to my parents house.

And although winter is trying to set in here - it's still summer in Vegas! I am so excited.


denverallens said...

Yeah! Have a great time!

Donna said...

Fun! I'm jealous! Oh wait, I'm going there today! We'll both have fun!