Friday, October 31, 2008

More Excited

So my sister and I have been wanting to buy this train cake tin but we couldn't bring ourselves to spend the money.

Fast forward to this morning. Chas, Bonnie, & I went to a local thrift store. I didn't expect to find anything but Bonnie loves looking at the books and playing with new toys. It's getting fun. So as I was heading out with a few new kids books one of the workers was unloading a shopping cart full of stuff. I spotted the train cake pan. I asked her if it was for sale and it was! I asked her the price $4.50 and I was sold.

Check out the cake pan on the William Sonoma website. I think you can see my excitement when you see the cost - what a freakin good deal I got!!!

I think I scored big time today.


denverallens said...

totally awesome! What a cool cake pan! I made a spider cake today, it turned out pretty cool, but I didn't take a photo. Maybe next time. Happy Halloween!

Donna said...

That is so damn cute! I have always wanted something like that and now that the boys are a little too big you finally have one!

Aim said...

I have seen that before, so cute! Congrats on the good deal!

claushausIII said...

cute train. i just got a bread maker for $6.50 at the thrift store today! Wohoo! I have been looking for one for months. Doesn't thrifting make you feel so smug-ly happy?