Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just can't stop

I've been sewing like a crazy fool lately. Actually I'm just figuring things out on my new machine and learning. Thankfully I'm taking a "master your machine" class because we all know I'd never sit still long enough to watch a video to tell me how to. So onto the exciting things I've been doing.

First, Jay had been bothering me to get a bedroom curtain made. I'd had the fabric for a long time but I was nervous because I didn't want to screw it up - I have a tendency to mess up my measurements.

I am really happy how the curtain turned out. The photo is not great but we've had nothing but nonstop cloudy days. So I just bit the bullet and took a photo.

Then today I got another wild hair. I made a small curtain for the window above the sink.

this photo didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. The lighting was just terrible. And for all who care Jay really hates the fruit tiles but I don't mind them so much.

Really what made all this sewing so easy was this:

So that cool thing to the right of the needles is a guide - I have no idea what the technical term would be. I just discovered this today. I just feed my fabric in and the guide helps me keep it straight. I was so freaking easy.

On another note if you are ever preparing a resume to send out to a potential employer - never, never write about yourself in the third person.

Oh something else - Bonnie told herself No No Bonnie today. I asked her if Bonnie was in trouble and she said yes. I thought it was pretty funny she was disciplining herself in the third person (I should point out that she is two and not creating resumes yet).

Really what made all this sewing so easy was this:


denverallens said...

Okay Sally, go back and read your post. Even you will be rollin' on the floor laughing. I just called mom and she was crying she was laughing so hard at it. Good job!

claushausIII said...

Cute curtains. I'd have to agree with Jay about the fruit though. I don't think I couuld handle those on a day to day basis.

I like "the guide". I could probably use one of those.

I have a hard time with measuring too (but mostly on the fabric buying end, which is why I invented the double-sided quilt (both sides have patches to fill in where I screwed up and ran out of fabric).

Also remember the motto "Measure twice, cut once!" Repeat it over and over and eventually it mostly sticks :)

Aim said...

Nice job on the curtains! I have never seen a guide like that. Did it come with your machine?