Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Conversations that clue you into my ditziness

On the way to voting last week.

Jay: So who should we vote for in the local elections?

Me: I don't know they aren't on Saturday Night Live. How should I know who to vote for.

Jay: Seriously?

Ah, I love to say things just to get him. I mean I have to get him to laugh after 10 years.

PS - this is my attempt to keep up with all the voting blogs I was forced to read.


denverallens said...

How funny! I imagine you got the same reaction you would have gotten out of dad. Too fun!

Aim said...

A few weeks ago I was with some friends and they were talking about who they were going to vote for and I realized that mostly what I knew about Obama and McCain was from SNL. I know it's really sad, so I tried to get more educated and you know what, it didn't really change my opinion. I thought it was funny that you mentioned SNL too.

claushausIII said...

I always thought voting in Idaho was easy...just vote for the Basques. Since they don't get to run their own government in Spain, we can just loan them ours for practice :)