Sunday, November 16, 2008


A few months ago I bought a new Bernina. This last Tuesday I went to my first Mastering your Machine class and I learned so much. The first lesson I learned and put into effect yesterday was never touching the round nob the moves the needle up and down. Yesterday I did hands free sewing!

After I had bought my new machine, I had told my nieces that they could have my old machine. Plus I figured this way the girls can get better at sewing while not ruining their mom's machine. Since I'm here at there house all weekend I brought it over for them to give it a try.

We waited to begin sewing till three of the kids were down for their naps. That left only three kids awake, plus my brother was hanging out and Danny preferred to hang with Mike than the two sewing machines.

We got the machines out and I set them up. Then I began with the basics. We went over winding the bobbin, threading the machine and needle, and sewing not too fast. Although a certain blond haired niece just thought it was funny every time I told her to slow down. All in all I'd say the girls had a blast. They were working on projects for Christmas and I must say I was really proud that instead of wanting to buy things they thought it would be more fun to make them. My oldest niece put together a block of fabric and I was so impressed with how well it all looked together - I think she might have a flair for matching fabrics together.

Then slowing all the kids woke up and it was time to put the machines away before their littlest brother destroyed all that we had worked on. I found it to be such a fun afternoon myself.


JoAnn said...

Oh, how FUN. Sewing has been my fun thing to do for years, even when I have to get a project done right away. Suzanne and I made some things yesterday and it was so much fun. Working with the girls and seeing the light of "I can do that" in their eyes is the best. They will love you forever because you taught them to use a sewing machine. Back to the basic.

Aim said...

I remember when my aunt taught me the basic's of crochet. It's one of the best memories I have of that aunt. I made so many crochet tube dresses for my barbies, even a couple for Helen's barbies. Your nieces will love you for teaching them how to sew and they will always remember it.

Paula Prass said...

So awesome. I'm saving my pennies for a new machine. I can't wait. Congrats.