Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The picture at the top of my blog is a row of Lambrettas in California. The first one is ours - I love that bike. Well for one reason or another this summer 3 of our Lambrettas that worked are no longer working. So we are planning on getting two scooters back up and running while at the same time have two other lambrettas fully restored at Casalambretta in Denver. I have no idea what the dollar value will be on this but it will be big - I can be guaranteed that.

I don't mind spending the money as long as we have the money and currently I spend to much money and I doubt we can afford this. So I've been trying to figure out how I can get the lambrettas fixed, this keeps my husband very very happy, and occasionally buy a few things for myself. I have never been good at saving money and really really suck at it these days.

Does anyone have good suggestions on how to cut back on spending. Yeah Yeah I know just don't spend money. But that is really hard these days with the click and buy approach (the Internet). Well that is my current dilemma and any new ideas would rock because I could use them.


mommybake said...

Everytime you feel like clicking - come to my house:) No really, I will go and click and have my 'bag' full and then I click the red X and end it all! But, I feel like I bought it and feel good!!

Tim said...

Trade services with the company. Do their taxes or tax planning for some work on the scooters!