Friday, January 9, 2009

Maternity Clothing Woes

Yesterday I went to the fabric store to see about purchasing some maternity skirt patterns. I can sew decently and so I figured I can sew myself some skirts. I have some really great fabrics I've bought just for the purpose of sewing skirts.

I was sorely disappointed at the options provided me. First off they put maternity patterns with lingerie - how do those two categories EVER go together. Then I found two pages in another pattern book. Reality was, the photos of the ladies looked as big as I do now and those clothes won't last the next 6 months. Plus I found no skirt patterns which was the only reason I went. So now I am at a loss on what to do next.

My big situation is I've never been pregnant during tax season. During tax season we are a suit and tie atmosphere and the rest of the year I can get away with khakis. So I am at a loss on what to do next to prepare my wardrobe for the tax season that is upon us.

Oh well, I'll figure something out. Jay suggested finding three outfits I already have and wearing them till the end of the pregnancy, sounds like fun to me.


Tim said...

Sally, being pregnant allows you the right to wear whatever you want. It only takes one look from you when they make a comment to keep them quite. Also, sleeping with your boss does not hurt!

Aim said...

Have you seen this Tutorial?

I haven't read it but the skirt looks like it would be cute. I saw another maternity tutorial the other day but now I can't find it. If I do I will send it to you. I hate the maternity clothes problem.

lizzie said...

I am at a lost on the sewing of clothes, but I do know that GapMaternity has some really nice "office wear". May be you can find a good sale. Good Luck!

carina said...


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