Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a year can bring

One year ago today:

The day he came home from the hospital:

Monday night this week:

One year old today - eating his birthday cake:

I'm not going to get all gushy on you here but I am amazed at how quickly these little people learn things and are able to do so much. Chas's arrival has been such a blessing on our little family. His personality is just what we need during every tax season - he is just so happy.


mommybake said...

I agree!! He is a VERY happy baby!! Happy Birthday Chas!!

denverallens said...

He is so cute! Happy Birthday Chas!

Lonita said...

Happy birthday, Chas! He's such a cute baby!

Krissie said...

Happy Birthday Chas! He's such a love!

LauriAnn said...

Holy Cow. I forgot how chubby Chas was when he was born! He is pretty cute. It is hard not to like someone who is that happy all the time!

Aim said...

The pose on the fireplace, totally cracks me up! Chas looks like he is quickly out growing the baby phase and now he is a little boy. He's so cute!