Thursday, January 29, 2009

In The Evening

In the evenings Bonnie and I have been having fun. She got this present for Christmas from her cousin.

It has become routine to spell out letters every night after Chas has gone to bed. I think of it as a cool down time for Bonnie to relax and get ready for bed. Jay and I have been having so much fun watching her learn her letters. Tonight she named most of the letters as I pulled them out of the case and if she didn't know the letter is was automatically a B. This began to crack me up as we got towards the end and there were more and more B's appearing.

I've come to look forward to these times also because it's usually just the two of us and I feel that Bonnie and I get some quality time together. Plus it's one of those times that I can continually give her positive feedback which makes me feel like I'm doing ok as a mama.

Thanks Jeni for making sure she got this as a present.


denverallens said...

You're welcome. I just remember how much I LOVED that as a kid. To bad it's not chalkboard instead of whiteboard. Totally cute though!

quilts and quirks said...

Here is our almost smily face Bonnie. This is a great way to wind down after a busy day. Now, for Bonnie, we know it was a very busy day. She is always only busy. I remember this game/toy. Now is the time to educate that mind. They can learn so much at this age.

Aim said...

That looks cool, I need to start Orson on learning his letters.