Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today is starting out quieter than I imagined. The night was a bit of a disaster but I'd rather not relive that again.

Right now Bonnie is snoozing in my bed and Chas is quietly playing with toys. I can't even express how happy I just feel being able to watch my little ones.

Today is one of the few days a week I get to spend at home during tax season. Of course I have work to do and errands to run but I just enjoy being able to stop everything and sit on the couch with the kids and be in their world.

When I had Bonnie she came to work with me everyday and that was tough. I either felt like I was ignoring her or she was in the way of work. Yesterday at work I couldn't believe how much work I could accomplish without children around. So I feel optimistic that even though I'm only at work three days a week - I'll still be getting more done each day than I have been in the past couple of years.

Plus having two days a week at home gives me the option to do more decorating. With the move to our new house, we just haven't fully hung all the pictures and things that we'd like. So my goal this month is to finish unpacking any boxes in the house that aren't unpacked and hang more pictures - it's time to make it my home.

I hope this Tuesday finds everyone else happy. It looks like we are having an inversion (not sure if this is the correct spelling for this type of weather pattern) or fog today. Either way I don't care!! Plus I'm finally feeling like I'd like to sew again, Christmas really burned me out. I have a bag pattern I bought a long time ago that it itching to be made.

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