Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interactive Music Player

Every Monday in our home we have Family Home Evening. It's a night where we get together as a family. Usually we sing a song at the beginning and end of our little event. At first Jay and I would find church songs on you tube but then he discovered this.,17631,4996-1,00.html#

This is an interactive music player and you can choose the song you'd like to sing for the night with the player. It is really nice and I'm glad we found it. Just thought I'd share the good info.


denverallens said...

totally cool! You can even change the key and print it off so you can play it without sharps or flats.

Aim said...

I found this when I was in primary and looking for a sharing time idea. I tried to find it again one time and I wasn't able to find it. Thanks for the link I will have to save it this time.