Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today Jay took me to the auto parts store to get my wipers on the car replaced. After that little adventure we were heading to drop Jay off at work and he suggested we just grab some lunch and then drop him off. Me loving the idea of not making any food for the kids, full heartily agreed.

After we purchased the fast food, we decided since we're close we'd park over at the fair grounds.

As we're driving through the fair grounds Jay suggested we park in the parking lot where the guy is exercising his dog. I kind of laugh picturing some guy running around a parking lot with his dog, it's an odd place for a work out.

So we park and the humor begins. This guy was driving his pickup around this huge parking lot while his big dog followed (I think it was a Rottweiler). We saw him do one lap, then two laps, and then some more as the dog ran behind. Then it seemed there was a cool down point and the dog was trotting behind the pickup for a lap, I assumed it was cool down time. But oh now then the full out running started again.

Then the pickup backs in to the parking spot next to us in a parking lot that could easily park over fifty cars. I look at Jay and said, he's hiding from the dog. As the dog caught up to our side of the parking lot the guy takes off and the dog follows him in a fut trot.

The laps continue as Jay and I are just baffled at this whole thing. I mean seriously, who is so lazy as to drive around and let the dog chase the car for a work out. I think I can say I've seen it all.

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Aim said...

That is really strange! In Magna there was someone that had a golf cart kind of thing, with a big plastic cover that went over it. In the winter they would walk their dog while riding in the golf cart. People are strange sometimes!