Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last Present Update

I thought I'd show my last batch of gifts. These towels were for my parents. I got the pattern for the tea towels from posie gets cozy. So here they are:

Not all of the photos turned out as nice as I would of liked but now I can't go back and take new pics. They have been sent and received. Merry Christmas.


denverallens said...

Sally, I absolutely love those! What kind of fabric did you use, or did you purchase towells and embroidery on them? LOVE THEM!

sally said...

HI Jen. I think I just used standard cotton for the embroidery.

Aim said...

Nice job! I don't have the patience for embroidery. I like things to get done quicker. I like projects that I can finish in less than 3 hours. It bugs me to have an unfinished project laying around. I'm going nuts to get the scarf that I'm crocheting for Reed finished. I like the place mats in the last post too!

JoAnn said...

Hi Sally,

I'm just getting around to saying "These towels are gorgous. The fabric is soft and will be thirsty for water. I'm looking forward to using them. Thanks so much. This is something I wouldn't make for myself. Thanks again. "