Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and so much more

I can't even explain the sheer fun we had over Thanksgiving holiday. The kids even cooperated and slept through the night every night.

We headed down to Utah to spend the weekend with my sister and her family. My other sister and her kids joined us too. It was so much fun.

On Thanksgiving day we got a babysitter and went to the new James Bond movie - it was the best.

Then on Friday we got up really early. My big sister tells the story best. We were home before most of the people woke up. Of course my little ones were running around our bedroom. I stayed up for another hour and then crashed when Chas fell asleep for his first nap.

Later that afternoon we sent the boys out shooting - they had a great time. Jay shot a soda can in mid-air (he is so hot) and then shot it again when it fell to the ground - had to make sure it was dead. I am so proud of him. The girls and I sat at home and watched Hancock. We all really liked it.

Then we had Bonnie's third birthday party and it was pretty fun. She was totally excited about all her presents. We also had Lexi's 8th birthday party at the same time - she enjoyed the lip gloss I bought her.

Well Saturday found us driving back to Boise. I was sad to leave but couldn't wait to sleep in my bed on Saturday night. I hope everyone else had a great weekend.


Aim said...

Your so brave to do the early morning black Friday shopping. Your sisters story was funny. Reed does most of the Christmas shopping and I do all the making stuff. I do love making stuff for Christmas. Do you have any fun projects planned for Christmas?

claushausIII said...

I was a cheapskate this year and bought all of my kids' presents at the thrift store, though I'm trying to bill it as eco-friendly.
I finished your Christmas present today and will probably also mail it out today. Since it is useful for Christmas you are welcome to open it early!