Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Christmas

I finished my In-law's present on Saturday. I was really excited to tackle this present and and little nervous. I had thought it out in my head over and over again. My idea came from Pink Chalk Studio. I saw her quilt block and thought this would make a really cute wall hanging for Christmas.

My cute little girl is holding up the wall hanging. Now that I've made one I think I could tackle another. I now know ALL my mistakes and think I could do a really awesome job on the next one.

If I make another one it would be for Bonnie. She really liked the tree and wanted it for her own. A cute little pillow for her bed would work.

After Christmas I will have a few more presents to post but not too many. I'm winding down to enjoy the holidays. I've got one present left to finish. Other than that I am half way done with Bonnie's Christmas dress and I'd love to make myself a new skirt for Christmas but we shall see.

I would also like to thank everyone for their wonderful comments on the robot doll. I was a little nervous it wouldn't turn out right but once I put everything together I decided it looked good.


JoAnn said...

This is a very cute & well made wall hanging. I'm impressed how the tree edges goes down with out any edges sticking out. It is just one long edge. Very good and the prints are so cute.

Aim said...

Very cute! At the moment I am stuck on what to make for the girls that Helen dances with. I thought that I would do a freezer paper stencil of a highland dancer on some plaid fabric and make an ornament with it. But it just turned out looking like a small hot pad to hang on the tree. I'm stumped, I need to have 8 of them done by tomorrow.