Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Didn't know

Apparently many of my family members went out to eat Mexican across the United States last night. I didn't know but somehow I must have gotten the message. We had Mexican food at our house last night and I think in honor of Calvin I was able to eat my second black bean burrito (I rarely have room for a second burrito).

Calvin would of been 14 yesterday and many times throughout the day I thought of him. In face I didn't sleep much at all last night as memories of him kept flooding my brain. So I thought I'd share a photo of my dear sweet nephew. We miss you so much.

This photo is from roughly two years ago. Donna's family and my family were down in Las Vegas visiting our parents. Bonnie was playing right there and Calvin was chucking huge rocks over her head. Eventually he stopped (I can't ever seem to spell this word correctly) and no one was hurt - but I think we all wondered what might happen while he was chucking rocks.


denverallens said...

How perfect was that?? You even had Mexican without the calls! I only called mom and dad and mentioned it to them. Sorry, should have called everyone. Love you!

Donna said...

Calvin was always a little stinker!

sally said...

Oh I didn't mean to say he was a stinker - sorry. But really Calvin was Calvin. That's why we love him so much. He was really sweet but he also had a devious boy side and that was wonderful. I loved how nice he always was to my little ones. He was always the first in the house to make them laugh when we'd come to visit and honestly I was always in awe.

Krissie said...

I couldn't handle mexican last night - i eat it way to much here - but we did go out for chinese in honor of calvin last night. I'm glad you were able to celebrate his life also with homemade yummy mexican food!