Sunday, December 14, 2008


I don't have a lot of photos to post at the moment as most of them are gifts for my family and they all read this blog. But since yesterday my sewing machine basically hasn't slowed down excep for the short nap I took yesterday afternoon to re-energize.

Yesterday we were expecting to wake up to snow and the whole family was disappointed when it just didn't happen. As we were all waking up from out nap (except daddy - he had watched an old war movie on hulu) I was looking out the back window and all the sudden a gaggle of ducks landed in our back yard. All couples too. I told Bonnie to look outside and for a few minutes we just sat there and watched them waddle along. It was really fun. Then once the ducks realized there was no cracked corn in our backyard to eat they flew on to someone else's yard.

Thankfully, this morning we woke up to beautiful snow and it hasn't quit. We are really enjoying just looking outside during our morning routines and seeing the beautiful snow.

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Aim said...

In some ways I'm glad that we have snow, it finally looks like Dec. but I hate all the gear that goes with taking the kids anywhere. It really is pretty.