Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tax Season & Our Family

I stumbled upon this huge group of photos labeled "Tax Season and our Family." If anyone wasn't aware of it yet, Jay and I are accountants and work like dogs for 4 months of the year. Yes we work the rest of the year too but it's just not as intense as tax season. Here are some of the photos I found today.

This one is Jay holding baby Chas. Chas was less than three months old in this photo and I am sure it was probably after 8 pm when this photo was taken.

Bonnie loved holding baby Chas and it was really cute for us to watch.

Bonnie's coloring phase hit pretty hard during tax season. Jay would get down on the floor with her and color when he needed a break. I just thought it was so cute.

I think he was the best part about tax season. Chas arrived right at the beginning of tax season and he was such a joy to have around.


denverallens said...

that's because he's so dang cute!

claushausIII said...

I have been thinking about you guys and tax season. I have a huge pile of paperwork to get ready by the end of the year and I don;t want to dive in yet. But I did all of my Christmas shopping early so that I could have this month to spend on compiling all my information in to a nice bit-size tax tidbit for you.

Lonita said...

Such cute pictures - Chas looks so tiny!

Aim said...

The pictures are so cute. Are you looking forward to tax season this year? It's just right around the corner.

Bryce said...

Those are some great pics. It brings joy to see that another inbreeding accounting couple is having cute kids. We hope the trend continues with us!

Michelle Romo said...

Your little ones are so cute!

Thank you for the sweet words you left in my blog, and for following for so long!