Sunday, December 21, 2008


I finally finished all the Christmas things I had to get done. All I really have to do is make Chas a stocking but if that doesn't happen I know he won't be too mad. It's only his first Christmas and I don't think Bonnie had one her first Christmas.

The one thing I'm super happy about is finishing Bonnie's Christmas dress. We took some snap shots today and of course she was goofy - I long for the days of her cute smile in photos.

Since she was being such a goof I opted to take her head out of the photo. I was really happy with how the dress turned out. I bought the pattern from Sugar City Journal and finally got around to making it. I was really nervous about making the dress but once I got going and read the instructions a million times I felt ok. It was so nice last night to see the whole thing come together - I finally feel like I can do more than make dolls and quilt. This is exciting.


Lonita said...

The dress is super cute - perfect for Christmas!

denverallens said...

I love it Sally! The boots make it too! As if you could only quilt and make dolls. You've got tons of talent!

Aim said...

The dress turned out very cute! Good job!