Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Runnaway

On Monday I was getting ready to run a few errands with the kids. I was doing little odds and ends all morning to just get some stuff done around the house and then around 11 am we were finally ready to leave. Bonnie is hitting the age that she doesn't want to go places anymore so as I was putting Chas in the car she sat inside the doorway just looking at me. I kept telling her to get in the car and instead she let the dog out. Normally Scooter just hangs out in the front yard but this time he kept inching away.

Finally I had both kids in the car and I yelled for Scooter. He took a look at the parking lot next to our house (we live at a dead end street and on the other side of the dead end street is a church with a huge parking lot - we live on the parking lot side). I see Scooter making a run for it. So I ran inside told Jay I had to go chase the dog and grabbed the dog's leash.

Out the garage I run trying to catch up with Scooter but I come to realize the entire church parking lot is covered in ice. I see the dog at the back of the church and I call for him. He looks at me and runs the other way. I'm cutting across the lawn trying to catch up with him. I finally get to the back of the church and I see him taking a dump on the church's front yard. This morning was shaping up to be so shameful for me - dog runs away and poops on church's front yard!

Past the church is a pretty busy street that Jay's parents live on. Scooter knows this route well because we walk over there for Saturday breakfast every week. Amazingly he gets across the street without being hit.

At this point all I could think was he was going to run after a car - he likes to try to do this when he is on a leash. I see a car driving closer to Scooter and I held my breathe. The dog looked at the car and thought otherwise and kept running forward.

He made it to Jay's parents carport unscathed. At this point he lets me catch up to him and I leash him and bring him home.

That day and everyday since Scooter has spent his time outside while we are gone from the house. I actually think he doesn't mind it so much.


Aim said...

Those kind of stories make me glad that we don't have a dog. Maybe when the kids are bigger. It sounds like scooter just wanted to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

JoAnn said...

Scooter is such a dog. He was really showing his independence on Monday. Oh, how I remember the church parking lots being covered in ice (the snow melts and turns to ice as the temps. turn colder with the night air.) We had snow all day Monday and it is snowing today Wed. Crazy! I moved to Vegas to get away from the snow, oh yea-we had a job here.

Donna said...

That's right, punish that dog for being bad!