Friday, January 29, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

At my house it seems as if things never slow down, everything just seems to move faster. I'm always so glad when Friday comes. I allow myself some relaxing time, which if you ask my husband is something I rarely do.

I finally finished my block for sister's weekend.

If you look at the picture you also get a hint into the other activities that have been occupying our time. Here is a little closer look at the detail in the center of the block.

I thought it would be fun to have a little writing on the block. I used the color orange to match the outside squares. At this point I'm super happy with the way this block looks. Now just to make 8 more or so, but I've done the hard part cutting the fabric. Now I just get to sew.

But that isn't all I've been working on.

Bonnie moved into a bunk bed two weeks ago and we didn't have any twin size blankets for her to use. So Jay suggested I use some of my fabric to make her a blanket, I looked at him and said, "Challenge accepted." I don't think he even knew what I had in mind. I've been thinking about making the kids coin blankets for a while but just had never gotten around to it. I've finished the top for Bonnie's bed and now just need to quilt it. I'm pretty excited about this.

Also, Grandma Charlotte didn't listen to you. She is still growing.


Donna said...

Wow. All those quilts! Do you do anything besides sew?

Aim said...

The quilt block looks nice and Bonnie's quilt top looks good too. I still haven't attempted a quilt, I'm to scared of it. But someday I will. Charlotte is really getting big, I can't believe it. I better hurry and get you that rattle. I made a couple last night, that I had you in mind. I have a new bird design so I am going to send you a picture of them so you can pick.

denverallens said...

Sew cute on all the pictures!!! Charlotte is adorable!

Urban Parks said...

Nice projects and since I live with a quilter I know how much time it takes. They are cute. However, I never realized that holding a quilt square was potentially dangerous. I've never seen anyone protected from quilt square mania with a riding helmet before, but I'm all for safety and I can tell Bonnie is too.

Lonita said...

Seriously, how did you get all that done? Everything looks great!

michael said...

As Ted would say, "I don't challenge you to anything Barney."

quilts and quirks said...

I know how much time these quilting projects take. Bonnie's coin quilt top is very time consuming. I've very impressed. The square and quilt top look great. Good work.