Monday, January 18, 2010

Adult Conversations

Last Saturday Jay and I were heading out to see a movie with my brother and sister-in-law. Well much to my dismay the tickets sold out and I didn't think to use Fandango to buy them beforehand. Again, guys I'm sorry, I'm not usually suck a flake.

So by missing this movie it took Jay and I on an adventure we'll never forget.

As we sat in the car we finally found a movie at 9:40 to go to, it was currently 8:00. Jay and I were on a street with a ton of shopping and so figured we'd kill an hour shopping.

We stopped at the craft store and Jay did amazingly in there. He even didn't complain when I walked the fabric isles over and over. That store closed and we headed over to Ross. Sometimes we get really lucky at these stores and find great clothes. But tonight we were headed to hear some classic conversation.

Upon entering Ross we headed to the back corner of the store, this is where the selection of kids toys are located. We can both hear a family bickering amongst themselves as we get closer. Here is where our story begins.

I walk down the isle and hear the dad on the other side of the isle tell his son (maybe 8 years old) to try on the shoes. Fair enough, right? You don't buy shoes for your kids unless they try them on and the shoes fit. The dad repeatedly told the son to try on the shoes and walk around the store or else they were not going to purchase the shoes. I hear a comment from the father on the shoe size, it sounded like the boy had a pair of shoes two sizes too big for him. Not much else was said and then the boy started crying.

Boy says, "You're accusing me of ..." (I never did catch exactly what the father was accusing his son of, maybe not trying on the shoes?)

Dad, "Try on the shoes and walk around the store or else we're not getting them."

Boy, "Well I know you don't want me to buy the shoes so I'm not going to try them on."

Dad, "I said try the shoes on or else we aren't buy them."

Boy, "Well I know you don't want me to buy them..."

The conversation continued with the boy sounding like a 40 year old woman yelling at her husband.

Jay and I continued browsing the store isles have a good time - once you have kids doing anything with out them is way fun. We then end up in the shoe section joking around about what we have heard on the other side of the store.

Me, "Seriously, what kind of conversations has that boy heard that we was able to be so passive aggressive to the father at his age?"

Jay, "I was just going to ask you that. Man we think the same. Do you like these shoes."

Me, "Well I know you don't want me to buy them, so no."

I look at Jay, we bust out laughing.

Me, "I felt like I wasn't old enough to witness that conversation."

Jay, "Yep I know what you mean."

Me, "That poor man, he must hear this passive aggressive crap from all his family members because of what the wife has said to him numerous times in front of the children. Ugh."

What else can I say. I've been dying of laughter every time I think of this conversation. I know I'm a bad person but really I just find joy in the little things.


Aim said...

I love over hearing crazy conversations like those. So funny

Lonita said...

So fun to listen to other people's conversation - you get great material sometimes. Of course, I often wonder how many people are mocking my conversations behind my back...