Thursday, December 10, 2009

Who's that Boy?

On Monday night I pulled out the Christmas Tree ornaments. I handed the ornaments to the kids and they put the ornaments on the tree or somewhere near the tree. We were almost finished when I pulled out some ornaments from my childhood.

In first grade we made Christmas ornaments with our photo on them. I believe this was probably a gift for our parents. That was the year of my bowl hair cut. Jay has always given me a hard time about that ornament and my hair cut.

Monday night I handed the ornament to Bonnie to put on the tree. Bonnie took one look at the ornament and said, "Who's this boy?" I asked her what. She showed me the ornament and again asked "Who's this boy?"

I laughed and told her it was me when I was a little girl. I asked Jay if he had heard what she said and he laughed. I think he felt justified in his laughing at the ornament all these years.


denverallens said...

That's so funny. I want pictures!

mommybake said...

that is why you won't cute Bonnies hair short:) Too funny!

Donna said...

I think we need a pic of the ornament! Go Bonnie!

Lonita said...

I agree - pics, pleasw!