Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boulder City Train

It turns out there is a lot of fun things to do with your kids while in Las Vegas.

This first night we were there we drove down to the MGM Grand hotel. They have a little lion display there that is free for the public to see. The kids thought it was really cool. The lion handlers were playing with the lions and so we were able to see them awake.

Friday morning found us over at the Hoover Dam. With three small children we didn't take the tour but we just drove over the dam. Jay & I loved it. Bonnie & Chas snacked through the whole adventure. Charlotte screamed the entire length of the dam and then some.

The next morning we drove back out to Boulder. There is a great train ride for families. The kids had a fabulous time, as did the rest of us.

Everyone at the beginning of the train ride.

The kids looking at the rocks!

There are so many more photos to share but it will have to wait for another day.


Urban Parks said...

It was a lot of fun. The list of activities you put together and Mom and I added to is now the new standard. For Scouters the International Scouting Museum will be a MUST visit. Of course, to do the train, they must arrive at the right time of the year. I was in Boulder on Friday and they had trucked in a wood burning steam locomotive. I can hardly wait for that to get up and operational.

Donna said...

How fun!

Lonita said...

The kids look like they loved the train ride. Glad you guys had a good trip!