Saturday, December 12, 2009


We had our first snow on Monday. Bonnie woke up utterly excited and it was all we could do to get her to eat breakfast before she ran out to play. She loves the snow. Chas is slowly learning to like playing in the cold.

We are all about snow suits at our house. We've found the kids have so much more fun outside if they aren't worried about falling over and getting their pants wet. It took a lot of searching to find snow boots and a snow suit for Chas. He's still such a little guy. He can't even keep his gloves on his hands yet, but this is the first year Bonnie's been able to get her thumbs in her mittens.

Then unfortunately this little one hates being left out but it's so much fun for me to have her to myself when the big kids are outside. Plus getting pictures of her smiling is such hard work.


mommybake said...

How cute!! The kids couldn't wait to get outside too!! Love that baby girls smile!!

Donna said...

Such cute kids. And I remember the day when the kids could get their thumbs in their gloves without major problems.

Urban Parks said...

First that is a LOT of snow for us Las Vegans and second, those kids look so cool in their snow suits. Chas looks like a miniature Michelin man. I love the hand out of the glove - in both photos.

Anonymous said...
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