Saturday, August 2, 2008

All is Quiet

Just when I think it will be a smooth afternoon someone gets sneaky and downright naughty around here. Unfortunately it wasn't Jay and I.

Let me begin the story by the fact that the baby was sound asleep and absolutely perfect during this whole drama.

At nap time we sent Bonnie off to bed. I leave to door open for her nap so that she doesn't sleep longer than two hours. As usual I sent her to her room for her nap. Normally she is really good about getting into her bed and falling asleep. Mot so today.

Jay and I were exhausted from doing yard work for most of the morning and fell quickly asleep on the couch. During the nap, I remember waking up randomly and hearing Bonnie play but I didn't even think anything about it - I just appreciated the fact that she was letting us sleep at all. At one point I woke up, Bonnie saw me stir, and Bonnie stood behind a shelf where only the top of her head is visible. I noticed she was hiding under her blanket and I thought it was funny. Well when I finally came too out of my afternoon nap I noticed she was running around in her t-shirt and pink moon boots. Yep no diaper. I tried acting cool but when I reached the end of the hallway to the entry of her room I kinda freaked out. Poop was smeared everywhere - on the wood floors and on her carpet. So Jay and I spent 45 minutes cleaning it up and we both just had to practice staying calm.

Anyways a few hours later we are all fine and she is happily tucked in bed. We watched the original Superman tonight and it was quite a laugh. We all enjoyed it. But never again will I think she is being nice and letting me take a nap.

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66 Stitches said...

Oh my! I can't believe you stayed calm. I certainly would have freaked. For years to come you'll all find it hysterical.