Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wacky Wednesday Giveaway

The other day while I was cutting our bib fabric - I tried being super awesome. Yea that's right - I tried cutting two bibs at once. Can I just say lesson learned - I can only cut one bib at a time. I guess this is a good time to announce that I am getting closer to opening up my etsy store with real products made by me! I am so excited.

Like I was saying, on Sunday night I was really proud of myself for cutting out two bibs at once. This is what happens when I cut out two bibs at once - fabric is upside down.

At first I was pretty devastated because I just love this fabric. By the way I use the word love a lot - I don't think we use it enough in our country. Instead of tossing the fabric I thought heck what a fun little giveaway. So if anyone wants this bib leave a comment and you till Sunday (8/24/2008) at midnight to do so. If there is actually more than one person that wants this bib then I'll use that neat random number generator and we'll see who wins.

I have to admit I'm pretty excited to give something away. Am I silly or what - it must be the early morning handful of M&Ms I had today.

Hope everyone has a great Wacky Wednesday. I know we are.


mommybake said...

Girl, you are too funny!! If no one wants it - bring it over!!

Anonymous said...

Well if the baby looks down at it, it'll be right side up! So all is not lost. Maybe we've all been selfish in making it look pretty to us all these years instead of to the baby. Perhaps you're a genius!