Monday, August 11, 2008


I thought the way the day started I was in for a bad day. Thankfully my sister called and we met up at Costco. We then decided to eat lunch at her house - which all 4 kids loved. We are so lucky our kids enjoy spending time together. This pretty much turned my whole day around. Thank you Suzanne.

Then this afternoon the kids and I dropped of the home crafts I created for the Western Idaho Fair. I am really excited about showing off my stuff - even if it's pretty darn simple compared to the other stuff I saw. But again I'm just excited like a silly school girl.

But probably the most exciting factor of the day was that I had some time to spend on the kids curtains. I am so excited to get the curtains hung up. I finished two panels for one window and just need to sew up the next two and the kids room will have cute curtains. I'll post photos when I'm finished and the curtains look cute on the wall.

Oh the other exciting thing about the day was buying the matryoshka fabric from Kristen. I just love her designs. I have slowly just continued to read more and more Australian blogs. The ladies from down under are so incredibly creative. So impressed.

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